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Denny Berndt

CEO & Educator (DE, EN, ES)

I am the founder of Berndt Education. I am originally from Germany and have a B.A. in Technical Translation and an M.A. from Texas Tech University in German Literature & Language with a minor in Spanish Literature. I have specialized in language education, school, and education program management as well as curriculum development for language and for children with cochlear implants collaborating with the high-end facilities and staff at Sada Educational Center in Kuwait.



Educator (DE, FR)

I am teaching German as well as French to language enthusiasts and am a trained translator graduate from The French Institute of Translation and Cross-Cultural Management (ISIT). After 5 years of studying German and English literature, language, and culture in Paris, Vienna, and Munich, I moved to Berlin about 3 years ago. I had the opportunity to make amazing connections in Germany and to work within German and international teams as a translator in the luxury market. I will be happy to support you on your learning path, whether you are new to German and French or aiming for perfect fluency.


Aneela Shah

Copywriter & Educator (EN)

I’m a graduate from the University of Oxford and studied English Language and Literature. I love reading and poetry, and teaching the English language is one of my passions. I also work as a copywriter for a marketing company based in Oxford.


Christian Blanco

Educator (ES, DE, EN, FR)

I have the French and Spanish nationality and Spanish and French are my mother tongues and I have a certified B2-C1 in English and a C1.2 in German. I teach English and French and German, have done the ELE courses at the Cervantes Institute of Vienna and I hold a DELE accreditation at the Cervantes Institute of Zagreb to officially teach and examine the Spanish language. I have a BA. in Art's History at the Autonomous University of Madrid in Spain, MA. in Theoretical and Practical Philosophy at the UNED and at the University of Jena in Germany, MA. in History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Vienna in Austria and the École Normale Supérieure of Paris in France; MA. in European Union: European Multilevel Integration and Fundamental Rights at the UNED and will begin a PhD in Philosophy shortly.


Adam Fierst

Educator (EN)

I am Adam, an English educator at Berndt Education. I started my teaching journey in 2018. Originally from the United States, I am a native English speaker with a deep understanding of the language. Currently based in Spain, I have immersed myself in the Spanish culture and language for the past five years. Fluent in Spanish, I bring firsthand knowledge of Spanish customs and colloquialisms to my teaching. I also studied German during my Bachelor's in Global & International Studies, spending time in Germany to further hone my skills. With over 5,000 hours of teaching experience, I offer personalized English lessons tailored to each student's needs. My patient and engaging teaching style creates a supportive learning environment where students can thrive.

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SADA is an integrated habilitative and educational center.

Our approach is unique because we promote joy whilst playing, learning and exploring. We aim to develop the child’s communicative abilities through speech therapy, whilst developing a love of learning.